SE104SH – Sheet Hook (Sails Etc. Spar) – (10pc)


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SE104SH – Sheet Hook (Sails Etc. Spar) – (10pc)

Sheet hook only – for use with track slide SE10460 on a SAILSetc spar. Use to attach the end of a sheet to a SAILSetc spar section boom.

When used with a boom track slide the advantages over the zed hook, item SE87Z, are: no holes required in boom, point of corrosion avoided, repeatable positioning without recording the hole used, infinitely variable.

This product is an alternative to SE87B which has the hole at 90 degrees to the hook. Beacuse this item has the hole aligned with the hook it will be better to use to attach the forestay/halyard to a hole in the mast.


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