Below is a list of helpful resources.  If you have a link that could be interesting please email us at


CRYA - Canadian Radio Yachting Association - This site is the home for all competitive RC Sailing in Canada.  Visit to get all information on the classes, register your boat and find our about regattas.

Kingston R/C Sailing - This is the Kingston RC Sailing Group.  Sailing is presently done at the Kingston Yacht Club.

MMM - Metro Marine Modellers - Based in the Toronto, ON region. Founded in 1958, the Metro Marine Modellers offers the opportunity to meet other modellers who are always eager to help!

KDH - Premier RC Sailboat Fittings from Germany.

Sails Etc - Premium RC Sailboat Fittings from the UK.

Hot RC Sails - Aftermarket parts primarily for the DF65 and DF95 kits.

DF65 Blog  -  Excellent Blog by Mr. Klaus Harris on everything DF65.  Great tips on building and set-up.  Great to read before you build your DF65.

YouTube - DF65 Tuning Tips Video by Patrick Rynne

YouTube - DF95 Tuning Tips Video by John Jorgensen

YouTube - Modification to the DF95 Display Stand by John Jorgensen

YouTube - DF65V6 First Unboxing (2107) by our good friend Wilson!

Facebook - RC Sailing Toronto - Lots of info on DF boats.  Also lots of info on sailing in the Toronto region!

Facebook - DF65 Worldwide Group Page - Lots of discussion and tips!

Facebook - DF95 Worldwide Group Page - Lots of discussion and tips!

Facebook - DF Racing Canada - Connecting DF Sailors and Fleets around the country!