JOS8815RTRTMV7U – DF65V6-V7 Upgrade R/C Sailboat Kit – Ready to Run (With Joysway Radio)


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JOS8815RTRTMV7U – DF65V6-V7 Upgrade R/C Sailboat Kit – Ready to Run (With Joysway Radio).  This version of the DF65 has the Joysway radio installed.

The difference between the DF65V6 and the DF65V7 is the V7 has new packaging, the upgraded sail servo and a boat-stand laydown included.  We are offering this package of the DF65V6 with the upgraded sail servo (uninstalled – with the standard sail servo already installed) and the stand laydown. This is the Dragon Force 65 V7 TM Upgrade by Joysway.

The DF65 is a hugely popular RC Sailboat Kit.  Inexpensive to buy, easy to build and really fun to sail.  Whether you are a seasoned racer or just want to have fun at the cottage this is the boat for you!!

Features on the DF65 Version 6 Include:

50 Micron Mylar ” A” Sails, ships flat in box, with corner reinforcement, battens, eyelets and improved jib luff
Boom Vang redesigned to be easy to adjust, better connection to boom
Redesigned “no flex” Servo tray, featuring improved control arm geometry
New Jib forestay fitting for easier more consistent jib rigging
Upgraded digital rudder servo
New Keel Bolt main sheet guide fitting, to stabilize main sheet ring
Upgraded radio, with improved adjustment
redesigned rudder post, to improve fit and stability
Recessed deck track for eyelets, and improved under deck plastic insert to keep eyelets waterproof with out extra glue
Retooled mould designed to make boat more durable / thicker

See the Accessories section for available radios.

The DF65 is straightforward to build.  It will require a good pair of scissors or exacto knife to cut the dyneema sheeting.  Another thing that is very helpful is some Cyanacrylate Glue (Crazy Glue) to add to your knots.  We really like the Gel CA from Bob Smith.  It can be ordered through our site at – BSI116

I would also suggest checking online for build, set-up and tuning tips from the experts!  We have a list on our Links page of helpful sites.  I strongly recommend the blog by Mr. Klaus Harris!


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