JOS8811RTR – DF95 Radio Control Sailboat RTR (With Joysway Radio)


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JOS8811RTR – DF95 Radio Control Sailboat RTR (With Joysway Radio)

This is the Joysway DragonFlite 95 RTR! NOTE: All of our DF95 kits come with the new “A” main boom rig! This is a 2019 upgrade!!

Everything needed to sail is included in the kit, all you need to do is add radio, batteries and go sail!


Length : 955 mm
Beam: 130 mm
Mast Height: 1000 m
Overall Height: 1425 mm
RTR Total Weight: 2000g (w/o 4 AA Batteries)
Hull Material: Plastic


Hull w/ Graphics and Finished Assembly
Installed Electronics, running rigging, and pre-installed spar fittings
4.8 – 6 v High Torque Sail Servo and Metal Gear Rudder Servo
Battery Box and On/Off Switch for Receiver
Zinc Alloy Ballast , Designed with latest optimal bulb shape and flat tail
Advanced Design Stiff Carbon Fiber Keel Fin, with machine milled fittings
Plastic Display Stand


4 pcs AA Batteries for Transmitter (Not Included)
4 Pcs AA Batteries for Receiver (Not Included)
RTR Version


The DF95 is straightforward to build.  It will require a good pair of scissors or exacto knife to cut the dyneema sheeting.  Another thing that is very helpful is some Cyanacrylate Glue (Crazy Glue) to add to your knots.  We really like the Gel CA from Bob Smith.  It can be ordered through our site at – BSI116

I would also suggest checking online for build, set-up and tuning tips from the experts!  We have a list on our Links page of helpful sites.

There has been some changes to the DF95:  As of 2019 the DF95 has been offered with an upgraded boom vang.  This is included in all of our boats.  There has also been a few changes to mainsheet bridle.  The instructions provided do not show these changes.  We have included this PDF for you to look at during the building of your new DF95.

DF95 manual
JOS8811RTR – DF95 Radio Control Sailboat RTR (With Radio)


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